Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sea Change

'Sea Change' is a new large painting consisting of nine aluminum panels.  In the background is a seascape with water and clouds that expand to the horizon.  Over top, we are presented with several additional representations of the scene. There are photographic views in round shapes that evoke lenses or planets. There are water patterns that appear in raster lines.  In various places, formulas that describe the behaviour of waves as well as weather maps 'depict' the scene in other ways. Over top there is an abstracted pattern of water that you both see and see through. 

This painting and the other current body of work proposes that what we see is not all there is; that how we each frame the world is incomplete and contingent.

The paintings do not resolve into single images that can be seen all at once. They reflect a world where nothing is solid or permanent. It’s our act of perception that brings elements into being and dissolves them again. 

This painting also has a notable sub-plot. I've used round images of water and clouds. One reference is to planets and moons in our solar system that are now known to have more water than our own planet.   It's a fact that again changes the way we may think of a 'sea-scape'.

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