Monday, July 9, 2018


At first glance the picture depicts a seascape with an empty horizon. The image is composed within the subtle colour palette of a summer storm: blues, greens and yellows.  There's a deep sense of perspective as the eye is drawn in under storm clouds and over the water. On closer inspection, an overlay of detail appears: shapes and abstractions that look like technical drawings and maps.  A fragmentary view of a building facade appears in the clouds.  Are these memories? Mirages? Plans for the future?

Cities and buildings are among of the most salient impressions that humans have put upon the world.  They are a manifestation of ideas. What starts out as lines on a map: measurements and calculations take on solid form.

Underneath and through our delicate systems of grids and structure the wild forces still move. Like the erosion from underground streams or the sudden shock of tectonic movements, cosmic chaos ensure that the only true constant is change.

Tracings the outlines of water patterns evokes the patterns of sea charts and weather maps.