Friday, November 4, 2016

Shifiting Space

My recent work incorporates several modes of image making:

  • Photographic imagery
  • Painted architectural scenes done in grisaille
  • Computer manipulated imagery such as the raster patterns
  • Painted stylized water patterns

My goal in using these disparate modes is to create a complex space within the flat surface of the painting.

The eye travels.  It reads the illusion of depth and perspective and then the texture of the painted surface.  It sees the surface of shimmering waves but can then see through them to images behind.  Pulling back, the painting is seen as  shapes and colours on a flat surface.   But even then, varying reflective qualities, some diffuse, some specular, cause the difference of light and dark to shift with the angle of view.

The effect is not simply a collage but a complex, shifting space that keeps the eye and the mind moving.

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